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We’re rooted in growth. It’s more than just the nature of our business, it’s what defines our more than 90-year history and fuels our future. Originally built on emergency repair and recovery, LLK has grown into a consolidated solution provider that creates personalized greenhouse and controlled indoor environments to help our customers grow through it all – every design, every consult, every build and every maintenance checkup. 

And, because the ultimate growing conditions are as unique as the solution itself, we continuously adjust and adapt as the goals for your environment do the same. Wherever you’re growing, we’re there – custom-tailoring environments to suit your business. At LLK, your success is our goal. 

We’re the best at identifying and developing solutions to meet your targets for each greenhouse or controlled indoor environment at every point of the process, resulting in a unique experience customized to your business needs, goals and dreams. 

No two operations are exactly the same. That’s why we utilize our self-performed Personalized Growth Model to bring your uniquely tailored environment to life. Beginning with the discovery of our customer’s vision, our model transforms an idea into a tangible blueprint, leading to an efficient environmental solution. Rather than selling a packaged product or parts to fit a whole, LLK offers a model that transforms your vision into a final solution. 

We’re small enough to know you personally and your environment thoroughly, but large enough and experienced enough to serve up solutions that succeed on your terms. 

With decades’ worth of experience working with a majority of greenhouse structures and environmental equipment manufacturers, we’re true experts in the horticultural industry. With LLK, success is sustainable for the simple fact that we grow with our customers – adapting and adjusting as their strategies, environments, budgets, goals and more change. Our wide array of experience and industry relationships continue to guide our ability to lead our customers along the correct path to their goals, no matter the setting. A jack of all trades, LLK’s experience has translated to great knowledge and success for all things horticultural. We know what keeps you up at night and put that knowledge to work for you.


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