LLK has serviced the Greenhouse Industry nationwide for over 90 years. Although our core business was built on emergency repair and recovery, the strategic relationships we have forged with vendors and suppliers have enabled us to offer additional solutions focused on helping commercial, institutional and cannabis greenhouse operators compete more successfully.

We’re true experts in the horticultural industry, with decades’ worth of experience on a vast majority of the greenhouse structures and environmental equipment at our disposal. With LLK, success is sustainable for the simple fact that we grow with our customers – adapting and adjusting as their strategies, environments, budgets, goals and more change.

Our wide array of experience and industry relationships continues to guide our ability to lead our customers along the correct path to their goals, no matter the setting. A jack of all trades, LLK’s experience has translated to great knowledge and success for all things horticultural. We know what keeps you up at night and put that knowledge to work for you.

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