Greenhouse Structures With over eighty years of experience in building, renovating, repairing and maintaining greenhouses, we have worked with almost all greenhouse structure and benching solutions.
Greenhouse Glazing When it comes to greenhouse glazing we have the experience and quality products for any job. From infrared poly film to glass and all the accessories you need, we've got you covered.
Greenhouse Equipment We know the challenges of any project and understand the equipment needed to complete any job no matter the scale. Call us first, because we know you'll benefit from our relationships.
Greenhouse Irrigation Whether its a misting, drip, or a sprinkler system, the plants you grow require specific watering and our experts will help determine an irrigation system that works best for you.
Greenhouse Lighting The correct lighting solutions provide great growth year round. You can depend on our experience to guide you to the best, most cost-efficient lighting solutions available.
Environmental Controls We understand the sensitive nature of your plants and have 80 years of expertise in heating, cooling, humidity, and ventilation. We know greenhouse controls are the key to your best growth.
Facility Disinfection System Our exclusive partnership with Bio-Cide International allows us to remove soil & organic residues and disinfect hard surfaces throughout your facility.
FacilityDisinfection System
Water Treatment System Our OXINE®WT Water Treatment Service will clean your irrigation water and help plant growth by controlling waterborne pathogens while reducing corrosion, saving time and staying eco-friendly.
WaterTreatment System