Water Treatment System


Greenhouse and indoor cultivators and researchers face the continual threat of microbial contamination within their water and irrigations systems. Organisms such as Pythium, Fusarium, Erwinia, Botrytis as well as many other water-based organisms can rapidly infect the plant and cause widespread damage or outright loss. Therefore, a water treatment program is vital to the success of any cultivating operations.

LLK has partnered with Key Solutions Group (https://ksg-corp.com/) to deliver a unique chlorine dioxide based chemistry (Oxine®WT), that has been proven by growers to control plant pathogens such as Pythium, Phytophthora Colletotrichum, Rhizoctonia, Cylindrocladium, Phytophthora, Ralstonia, Thielaviopsis, Alternaria, Xanthomonas, and Botrytisand Erwinia in irrigation water and air humidification systems. The Oxine®WT water treatment system is an EPA registered biocide specifically labeled for use in the horticulture industries, including plant, flowers and vegetable production.

This OMRI certified organic product is also utilized by growers and several other industries to disinfect their facility while eliminating and controlling future growth of biofilm. It breaks biofilms attachment to surfaces then penetrates and dissolves the biofilm and attacks the organisms within. This results in bacteria and biofilm-free pipes, emitters and cooling pads which ensures consistent water flow and delivery of healthier plants.

When activated, either manually or with one of Bio-Cide's patented activation and delivery systems, Oxine®WT​ generates a solution containing Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2) with the following benefits:

  • Efficacious on organisms of concern in horticulture
  • Superior biofilm control
  • Ability to enhance water quality
  • Low corrosion potential
  • Effectiveness over a broad pH range (1-10)
  • Resistance against neutralization from organic load

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