Facility Disinfection Services


Greenhouse and indoor cultivators and researchers face the continual threat of microbial contamination within their facilities. Organisms such as Pythium, Fusarium, Erwinia, Botrytis as well as many other organisms can rapidly infect the plant and cause widespread damage or outright loss. Therefore, the practice of routine disinfection is vital to the success of any cultivating operations.

LLK has partnered with Key Solutions Group (https://ksg-corp.com/) to deliver a turn-key disinfection program for greenhouse and indoor cultivators. Our service, which includes the removal of soil and organic residues from facilities, utilizes a unique chemistry called Oxine®WT to disinfect hard surfaces throughout the facility. The Oxine®WT disinfection chemistry is an OMRI certified Organic, EPA registered biocide specifically labeled for use in the horticulture industries, including plant, flowers and vegetable production.

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