Project Management


The “plan your work and work your plan” mentality is something that has been engrained in our culture.

Your company or institution could utilize several internal resources to secure the general contractor and labor necessary to meet the specifications outlined by a consultant, designer, architect or yours. You could also assign an individual to manage all of the moving pieces associated with your plan or take time out of your busy schedule to develop and manage the plan yourself.

A simple alternative to this approach would be to utilize our turnkey project management services.

Our team of greenhouse professionals will take complete ownership of your plan and will work on your behalf to handle every detail required to move your organization toward achieving your vision in the most cost-effective manner through the development and management of a detailed project plan. We will leverage the 90+ years of industry knowledge and relationships to identify, secure and manage the labor teams necessary to execute the plan outlined in order to ensure the success of your project.

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